Our story so far..



              It all started when I was 8 years old, sitting on my dad’s lap while he let me steer the car and he would control the pedals. It was exhilarating! I couldn’t get enough. Every day I’d wait at the corner for my dad to come, so I could steer through the neighborhood till we arrived home. Every now and then he would take me out in a retired police cruiser he bought at an auction and we would race unsuspected vehicles at stop lights. I was hooked! From that point on my love for automobiles grew stronger every day.

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          I was born and raised near Detroit, Michigan. My father was a truck driver for Chrysler, until he retired and opened an appliance store. He liked to buy and sell almost anything. From time to time he would go to a local Detroit auto auction and buy police impounds. Dad wasn’t into fishing or baseball, so he took me to auctions and started teaching me about how to buy a vehicle and what to look for.When I was 16 years old, with my mother’s help I bought my first car from our neighbor for $100. Then another neighbor had a car with a blown engine. She didn’t want it anymore. She just gave it to me! I put it out in front of my dad’s store. I sold it in just a few days for $200 to a man that needed parts for his car. Man, I was ecstatic about the great deal I just made!I did this again with a third neighbor. I just couldn’t say no to a car, if I were getting a deal on it.As time passed I involved myself in the auto industry in any way I could, just so I could have a part in what I love. I have owned thousands of vehicles in my life and still love the thrill of dealing with them


Cause and Effect...


              I moved to Las Vegas from Detroit in 2008 and I was new in town looking for a used car. As I was browsing posts for cars on a popular classified website, I kept coming across post that simply read “CASH FOR CARS:RUNNING OR NOT” or “CASH FOR CARS:ANY CONDITION”,this is where I discovered the niche –‘CASH FOR CARS: people that want to sell their vehicle quickly for cash’. The following are examples of why people would call CASH FOR CARS,

  •                                >Abandoned/ Junk cars on a person’s property, residence or commercial property.
  •                                >May be the person wants more that the dealer is willing to give on a trade-in.
  •                                >May be a wrecked/salvage vehicle
  •                                >A vehicle needs repairs that are too expensive or are not affordable.
  •                                >An impounded vehicle that that is no longer wanted or owner is avoiding fees from the towing company.


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                  My curiosity at this point was peaked and I started posting ads as they did. I setup all the necessary channels that the business would need (Google +, “cash for cars” website and classified ads). In no time I was buying cars all over town. After buying and selling unwanted vehicles in Las Vegas/Henderson area for several years, I found that this was an unregulated business. There were junk yards that would buy unwanted cars, but there were no licensed companies that would bring cash to an individual and haul their car away.

           Often times, the people selling the vehicles were in dire need of the money for something really important, like rent or food.Most of my clients were not aware of the selling process.Many of them had no knowledge of cars.Some had no idea of what kind of car they were selling.

           Through the years, the biggest challenge I came across was handling vehicle titles.Some clients had a vehicle’s title, but it was signed in the wrong place.Others simply lost the title and didn’t know how to get a quick replacement.I started educating my clients so they could quickly obtain the necessary documents required to sell their vehicles.In turn, I was able to offer them more money for their vehicle.

            As time passed, I was talking to a friend at dinner about how I wanted to offer people the opportunity to sell their own car fast and for fair price!In order to do this, I needed to provide a guide that could inform and educate inexperienced sellers and help them through whatever predicament they’ve found themselves in. He suddenly took a very strong interest in it. I knew he had great knowledge in the tech industry. He was also providing his Technology consulting services for a local online shoe company that had superior customer service. We both agreed it was a great combination. So we went back to the lab and with much research and testing, together we created MotoBucks!

Current Day

            MotoBucks was created to make the process of selling these unwanted vehicles to the local market safer, easier and more user friendly. Also to provide superior customer service via phone and email (contact-us), education and support in the market (Ray’s Low Down).

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MotoBucks believes our online auction format will allow buyers and sellers to come together more efficiently and be more educated in the process. No matter what type of vehicle they have to sell. So, if you have a vehicle for sale or like to get a good deal on a vehicle that needs a little love.MotoBucks is the place for you and we hope you enjoy!!