Frequently Asked Questions

What is MotoBucks? is an online vehicle marketplace allowing people to buy or sell any vehicle in any condition fast and easy. This includes unwanted vehicles, junk vehicles, boats, motorcycles, aircrafts and more.

Our community of buyers includes members of the public, local used car dealerships, body shops, repair facilities, salvage yards and more. Everyone will be bidding on your unwanted, damaged, or not running vehicle in minutes. List today and sell today. is open 24/7.

Does Motobucks Sell Vehicles?

No, Motobucks does not sell any vehicles. All vehicles for sale on Motobucks are listed by members of our self service web platform. It is advised to communicate directly with the seller on our platform before making any bids or offers on our marketplace.

Can I come to see the vehicle before I make an offer?

Because all of the vehicles listed on our marketplace are listed by users and not Motobucks we do not have a location to physically view vehicles prior to sale. Unless there is instructions on how to view a vehicle in person provided by the seller then you will have to make your determination based on the information provided by the seller.

How do I list a vehicle for sale?

Simply click the Sell button at the top of the Home page, or the Sell button in the Navigation bar. Register a free account or sign in to your existing account and follow the prompts. You are able to list your vehicle or item fast, easy, and for free. Once your vehicles auction ends the buyer will come to you, put cash in your hand, and take the vehicle, boat, motorcycle or aircraft away.

How do I buy a vehicle?

With Auction listings once you’ve found a vehicle you wish to purchase, you will place a bid on the listing page for an opportunity to buy it. The person with the highest bid at the end of the auction will win the vehicle as long as the vehicle does not have a reserve. Reserves can be added by the seller and unless the bidding passes the reserve price the seller reserves the right to not sell it. On some listings, you may skip the auction if the seller offers a “Steal the Deal” price. If this option is available on a listing it means that you can buy the vehicle immediately for the posted “Steal the Deal” price.

The buyer that wins the bid or “Steals the Deal” and has paid the 10% buyers fee payment will receive an invoice instantly. On the invoice is the sellers direct contact information to call and arrange the pickup.

Important Notice: Only bid on items you intend to buy. You cannot cancel your bid. If you win, you must pay the 10% buyers fee and pick up the vehicle in the allotted time allowed by the seller. If a buyer backs out of a winning bid, that buyer could lose all buyer privileges on

With Buy Now listings you simply press the buy now button on the listing, agree to the price of the vehicle and hit submit. Some Buy Now listings give you the ability to make an offer at the sellers discretion. If you see a listing that says or best offer you may make an offer. Sellers can determine the minimum amount they would consider so make sure your offer is reasonable. Once your offer is accepted or you select to pay the asking price, and have paid the $150 deposit, you will be ready to call the seller and arrange pickup. You will receive an invoice instantly after the sale with the sellers contact information.

Checkout every possible detail available about the item (vehicle, boat, motorcycle, aircraft, etc.), before you bid or purchase. If you are uncertain about the item, please do not bid or purchase. Only bid or purchase if you are confident about the item you want to bid on and purchase. This includes any item with liens or no titles. If there is no title on the item, check to see if the item is stolen before bidding. If you encounter fraud or illegal activity, please contact us immediately. MotoBucks LLC/ accepts no liability or responsibility for any purchase made.

What is a Reserve?

A reserve is a secret amount only known by the seller that reserves them the right to not sell the vehicle if the reserve price is not met at auction. If the reserve is not met at auction the seller will have a 24 hour window of time to accept the high bid if they choose.

What is “steal the deal”?

“Steal the Deal” is a set price option provided by the seller, allowing the item to be bought immediately, without waiting for the auction to end. If the “Steal the Deal” purchase is made, the auction will end and the buyer will be obligated to pick up the auction item and finish the transaction in the allotted time by the seller.

Is there a warranty available with the vehicle, boat, motorcycle or aircraft purchase?

Sellers on Motobucks are often selling unwanted, “As Is” (without warranty) vehicles, boats, motorcycles or aircraft. As a result, there are often issues with the items operation or physical condition. With that in mind, please be aware that the buyer understands that they are purchasing an item “As Is” and agrees not to hold the seller responsible for any problems that may arise with the item after the purchase. THE BUYER WILL PAY ALL COSTS FOR ANY REPAIRS after the purchase is made. The seller assumes no responsibility for any repairs regardless of any written or oral statements about the item.

It is the buyer’s sole responsibility to inspect, and determine, that the purchased vehicle is as described before paying for it. If a buyer discovers that the vehicle is not as described they will not be obligated to purchase the vehicle as stated in our Buyers Guarantee. However, once the sale is complete, the sale will be final and no refunds will be awarded.

What if a buyer doesn’t pay as agreed?

If the buyer attempts to not pay the full amount or doesn’t communicate with you to arrange pickup, please contact the buyer to resolve the matter. If your attempts to contact the buyer are unsuccessful, is here to help. Just contact customer support. We will attempt to contact the buyer on your behalf. If we are unsuccessful in resolving the matter you will be able to relist your vehicle at no cost. The buyer will receive an unpaid mark on their account and may have limited account privileges or may have their account cancelled indefinitely.

What if a vehicle, boat, motorcycle or aircraft is not as pictured or described or the item is missing or unavailable for the buyer to pick up?

If there is an issue with the transaction, is here to help. First contact the seller and try to resolve the issue. If that is not possible, we will thoroughly review the matter and attempt to contact the seller on the buyer’s behalf. If we are not successful in resolving the matter and the issue has been ruled in favor of the buyer, the buyer’s fee will be refunded. Additionally, in this situation the seller’s account may be restricted or banned by