Goodbye Nellis Car Auction, Hello Motobucks!

Who doesn’t miss the days of stopping by the old Nellis auto auction and taking part in the action? The thrill of the hunt to see what vehicle you might be able to win each week. What a fun and exciting time it was to be able to show up at Nellis auction house and try and win a car. Unfortunately those days are now over. For those of you that missed it, Nellis car auction decided to close up shop back in late 2020 due to the Covid shutdowns. Unfortunately they, like many businesses had to make some tough choices during those times and unfortunately their car auction had to go. So what is Nellis auction the company up to now you might ask? Well, the answer is retail returns, estate auctions, and lots of them.

Nellis Auction is alive and well

After Nellis car auction closed their doors the company moved heavily into retail returns along with estate auctions and more. I should know, I outfitted just about every room in my house with a great deal from their auction. The excitement is still there and in my opinion they do these auctions here in Las Vegas better than anyone. The customer service is great, there policies are fair, and you can always find something great to bring home. In fact they now hold these auctions for household items, and much more every single day. It really is a convenient way to shop. In addition they have even improved their pickup process, allowing you to schedule your arrival matched with curbside pickup. If you are stuck with a memory of waiting in a long line to pickup one simple item those days are over. The new Nellis Auction process is fast and easy. However if you miss Nellis car auction and are looking for an affordable vehicle where do you go now?

Enter Motobucks Las Vegas Public Car Auction

Motobucks was founded in 2016 with a goal to make public car auctions available to everyone in Las Vegas. We held our first trial public car auctions in 2019, then started officially and never looked back in August of 2020. Although we were sad to see Nellis car auction go it made us even more dedicated to making Motobucks work.

motobucks las vegas public car auction news appearance
Motobucks News appearance 2021

Today Motobucks hosts public car auctions in Las Vegas just about every Saturday focusing mainly on no reserve auctions. Early on there were many challenges, however we now have the participation of local charities and dealers. They are constantly posting up vehicles going to high bidder almost every week. It truly has become the peoples public auto auction here in Vegas giving people a chance to score a good deal in this very aggressive used car market. We have plenty of testimonials to attest to just that, and if you’re reading this now, we hope that your story might be next! Take the time now to check out the Motobucks online car auction, register a free account, or sign up for our email alerts and never miss a car auction again!