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1985 South Wind Motorhome

[ID: 1431] 100% BUYER GUARANTEE Learn More

1985 South Wind Motorhome

[ID: 1431] 100% BUYER GUARANTEE Learn More
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Bids: 12
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07/24/21 5:20 pm
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User name: NPVAauto User Since: 09/12/2020 17:51:48
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1985 South Wind Motorhome

Price Sold: $42
Bids: 12 | Date Sold: 07/24/21 5:20 pm
Vehicle Description

Please read this post in detail before asking any questions, most will be answered here,

This Rv was in an Rv park and caught fire, which was put out fairly quickly but there is still considerable damage that would need to be repaired or the coach could be used for parts. The former owner stated that the motor was rebuilt about 2 years ago which looks plausible since there are new parts on the motor, a Chev 454. The carb is off the motor so it doesn’t run.

It will be sold through the Motobucks no-reserve online auction on Saturday 7/24/21 at ~4 PM, to the highest bidder, visit Motobucks.com for bidding information. We are trying to help the coach owner recover what $ he can from this loss.

The body and paint are poor, windows missing, and fire damage evident.

The interior is toast, above waist level, still intact below. It’s not nice.

Motor is a 8 cyl, Chev 454, auto transmission.

You may also inspect the vehicle at 5700 Boulder Highway the Day of the auction ONLY. Pick up of sold vehicles is also at this location. Vehicles are stored elsewhere until the day of the auction to reduce vandalism. We will be available at that location to show all our vehicles Saturday 7/24 from 9 to 1 and we allow inspection/brief test drives on that day only. cars are sold as is and there is no warranty or guarantee.

SORRY WE WILL NOT SELL IT OUTSIDE THE AUCTION. PLEASE DON'T MAKE OFFERS TO BUY IT TODAY, MAKE YOUR BIDS THROUGH THE AUCTION WHERE WE WILL BE SELLING OUR DONATED VEHICLES GOING FORWARD. Note if a Winning bidder bids and does not pick the vehicle up they will be prevented from bidding in the future as the auction is a no-reserve auction so only bid if you are ready, willing and able to buy the vehicle for your bid price and accept the terms of sale posted here. Title is clean from NV vehicle pick up is Monday ONLY by appointment, so please call or text if you were the winning bidder to set up a time to pick up the car Monday, not Saturday not Sunday.. If you just show up chances are you will be standing around and waiting so please make an appointment first. We only accept cash for payment , No Zell not Venmo no PayPal. Please bring exact change And ID. Pick up is at 5700 Boulder Highway.

Terms are for cash only in person at pick up, Monday following the auction. No bidding will extend for four minutes if a bed is made within the last four minutes before closing. This could extend the bidding for sometime after the post to close. To avoid missing out at the last minute, please put your max bid in well before the close of bidding.



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User name: NPVAauto User Since: 09/12/2020 17:51:48
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