Full Interview with President of the Nevada Paralyzed Veterans of America talking car donations, and helping veterans in Las Vegas.

Fundraiser Details:

Any car listed for sale or purchased on Motobucks before July 4th, 2021 will benefit the Paralyzed Veterans of America right here in our home state of Nevada. Simply get on to Motobucks and buy a new vehicle to enjoy, or sell one you just want to get rid of! Cars are in demand in todays market so there has never been a better time to sell a vehicle in history. Motobucks has thousands of registered buyers standing by to get you top dollar price on your vehicle. So don’t wait list your car for sale today!

Free Listing Assistance:

Motobucks will come and help you take a nice video of your vehicle, get the right pictures, and assist you with an accurate description of your vehicle. Our listing method is proven to get you the most money for your vehicle. If you would like assistance with your listing please call us at 702-570-3036 to schedule an appointment.

Donate a Vehicle:

If you are interested in donating your car to the Nevada Paralyzed Veterans of America please call their car donation line at 702-545-8044.

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